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Protect your business from a cyber attack

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

If we've learned anything in 2020 it's that COVID fundamentally changed the way we work. So many businesses now have employees working from the comfort of their homes. Are businesses aware of how to protect their remote employee's privacy? Is your business information safe while employees work from home? In this article, we make some recommendations on how businesses can protect themselves from a cyber attack whether at home or at the office.

A hooded person hacking a computer from their laptop
Cyber Security Protection

Integotec is a cyber security company that specializes in protecting small to mid-sized business's (SMB) information. In a recent study involving 10 small businesses, we learned that 8 out 10 didn't employ the most basic cyber protections that could save them from a devastating cyber attack. More specifically, a ransomware attack. With this data in mind, we'd like to recommend some important ways you can protect your business to avoid a frustrating and embarrassing cyber attack on your business.

Since not all attacks are the same, it's imperative that every business considers a layered security approach in their environment. You might be thinking that sounds expensive. It's really not. Consider these statistics, 60% of all small businesses that experience a cyber incident go out of business within the first six months, and the average cost of a cyber incident for a small business is approximately $200,000 (nationwide).

Account Takeovers

Businesses often struggle with managing all their login information and often recycle the same username/password for most of their accounts. This is not a safe practice to managing passwords. Integotec recommends using a reliable and secure password manager that has two-factor authentication to protect all of your accounts.

Integotec also offers a password manager as part of our Managed IT services. We provide businesses with with the ability to manage their passwords for both personal and business use at the same time. Using a password manager reduces the risk for account takeovers, and simplifies your day-to-day operations as you access your various accounts while performing your duties.

Be sure to give us a call at 541.527.4460, or email us at if you have questions or would like us to help you secure and manage your passwords.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Most threats these days are far more sophisticated, and far more difficult for legacy antivirus software to remove. In some cases the antivirus software will find a virus and remove it only to have a more persistent threat change its form and evade further antivirus scans from picking it up. Some more persistent threats are design so well that most antivirus software miss it altogether. This is where Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) plays a major role. EDR is essentially artificial intelligence (AI) and it is capable of noticing the slightest changes in code running on a computer and can quickly quarantine or eradicate the threat. We recommend a few different EDR solutions to consider below.

  • Sentinel One Singularity

  • Panda Adaptive Defense

  • Sophos Intercept X Endpoint

As a Cyber Security company, Integotec also resells the Panda Adaptive Defense EDR solution that we will happily install and manage for you. If your business is not protected with an EDR solution and you would like to check it out, give us a call at 541.527.4460, or email us at if you have questions or would like us to help you secure your business.



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